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Characteristics of melt blown filter cartridge:

Melt blown filter cartridge production line have enables continuous automated production of melt blown filter cartridge. Compared to traditional batch filter production line ( production loss is greater than 35%, the high costs, product quality is not stable )the continuous production of infinite length filter greatly reduces the production of raw materials consumption and have high capacity, low power consumption, low loss, easy operation, product quality is stable and so on. By improving the following aspects to make our melt blown filter cartridge production line to achieve the leading domestic  level.



Reduce energy consumption:


Improve the rationality of equipment and using new air heaters to improve the heat exchange efficiency of the air and also reducing capacity to significant reduction in energy consumption.




Improve the reliability of control equipment:

Improve the structure of key equipment and with new commercialization to control unit and enhance the reliability and stability of the filter element production, thus guarantee the quality of product. That have using frequency,  Solid State relays PID and high precision control technology for improving the operation of equipment, exactness and stability such as PID control.


Integral melt blown die

Overall die for small hole of high precision, good consistency ,no maintenance have improves the quality and uniformity of melt blown fiber, thereby improving the quality of products, But at the same time improving service life of die and cycle life, That have reduce the replacement of the die head operation time and reduce maintenance costs.



Multiple die head configuration:

MBCF2000 production line adopts innovative three - runner overall die that through control a spinneret state, the progressive refinement of the filter fiber structure to achieve better filtering effect.

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