New Inprovement Ro Water Filter Cartridge Production Line

New Inprovement Ro Water Filter Cartridge Production Line

Improve the technic ,put the heat tube into the cabinet under the exruder ,to same the room ,also to obtain more energy efficiency.
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Product Details

PP melt blown filter cartridge machine




Why Choose Us
* Electric-saving
1. A leading manufacturer,producing the machine for more than 10 years.
2. Advanced technology,saving electric(power is about 37kw)

* Large production capacity
2. Power of producing one pp filter is about 0.277kw-0.222kw.

* Easy operation
1.Our engineers will teach you unit you can operate by yourself.
2.Automatic feed machine and automatic cutting machine.

Applicable Fields
* Electronic, power Industries: Pure Water, Gas, Electroplating Liquid, Presswork etc
* Chemical & petrochemical Industries: Solvent, Paint, Magnetism paint, Detergent, Liquid wax etc
* Medicine & Pharmaceutical: Hospital Water, Injection and Oral Liquid
* Food Industry: Food, Drink, Drinking Water, Alcohol etc.

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