PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge Machine

PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge Machine

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:shuhang
Model Number:PP STRING
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Product Details

PP Melt Blown Filter Cartrige Machine

3E&3M PP Spun Filter Cartridge Making Machine/PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge Machine:


The Total Power

Actual Power

The Raw Material

Production Capacity

Weight of Filter Cartridge



















Product Description

PP melt blown filter cartridge production line is an equipment that used to produce pp filter cartridges which are widely used both in household water purifier and industrial wastewater pretreatment. And the principle of this equipment is as below:

There are two kinds of PP melt blown filter cartridge production lines, one is adopting roots blower as the pressure –driven system; the other is using air compressor with air tank. Whatever both principle is similar as below:

Auto Feeder feeds 100% new drawing class polypropylene into Extruder. Then pp materials are melt by heating through Extruder.Roots Blower or Air Compressor and Air Tank blows the air into Air Heater and then the heated air will blow the liquid melted polypropylene materials through the Nozzle Heads (with hundreds of small holes in the mold), and finally threaded materials arrive at the spindle of Winding Device. Winding Device rotates and forms filter cartridges. Then formed filter cartridges get off the spindle and reach to Auto Cutter. Auto Cutter cuts them according to the required length upon customers’ requirement.

PP melt blown filter cartridge machine includes:

2 Extruders;

2 Molds;

2 Auto feeders;

2 Air Heaters;

1 Air Compressor with power;

1 Air Tank;

1 Receiving Machine& Auto Center;

1 Small Controller;

1 Cleaning Machine for cleaning the mold.

Differences between machine with Roots Blower and machine with Air compressor and with air tank

Roots Blower

Air compressor and air tank

Could install variable frequency system

Could install variable frequency system

Itself could pre-heat the air to be 80~90 degree and to some extent it saves heating energy

Can NOT pre-heat the air

Maintenance fee is cheaper

Maintenance fee is costly

Air Displacement 6.32m³ /min;
Air Pressure: 0.8kgf/cm²
Thus, roots blower uses wind power to blow the liquid pp into pp fiber/silk and by control this to change the diameter of pp fiber;
Another difference, we think using roots blower is more saving heating electricity fee, because the air from roots blower has already been 80~90℃before it enters into the air heater(normally it needs to arrive 230℃ and keep). That’s why it saves power in air heating.
Air Displacement 5.0m³ /min;
Air Pressure: 0.8Mpa ≈
Thus, and air compressor uses air pressure to blow the liquid pp into pp fiber/silk and by control this to change the diameter of pp fiber; Some customers think it is easier to control the air pressure of air compressor to change the diameter of pp fiber which is an important factor to affect pp filter micro. While in our experience both machines can make filter micro from 0.05micro to 100micro.
But if you choose our air compressor type, our air heater for air compressor could arrive 230℃in only 10minutes and then temperature never change and very stable.

After-sale Services

One-year warranty is ensured. We provide new parts (except easy-wear parts) for free if your machine is broken without human factor.

If you have any questions, our engineers are always available to give a comprehensive answer with their 30-year experience in filter making industry.

Packaging & Shipping

Every part is packed by plastic film, and all are packed in wooden case.

Shanghai Port is our usual choice, but other ports are available due to your requirements.

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