Advantages and extraction efficiency of juice decanter centrifuge

- Jan 13, 2018-

Fruit juice decanter centrifuge in the production process is mainly by the screw propeller, chassis, planetary differential, cone-shaped drum and the base and other components, due to the role of centrifugal force, the drum within the suspension Quickly divided into two phases, heavier solid deposition in the outer drum. Under the action of the auger, the sediment and separation liquid move in the opposite direction, the sediment is pushed to the cone section to be further dehydrated and discharged through the slag outlet, and the separation liquid is discharged from the large-end overflow hole. Adapt to a wide range of products, heavy workload, adjustment and maintenance of convenience.

Juice decanter centrifuge effectively use its high-speed rotating drum to produce centrifugal force, the effective suspension of its juice in the solid particles trapped in the drum and under the action of the automatic discharge to the outside, while in the Under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid in the suspension is thrown out through the sedimentation medium and the drum slag discharge port to achieve the purpose of liquid-solid separation. Fruit juices, peel, fruit juice can be separated and extracted. Juice concentrate, separation, clarification of the role, according to different requirements, can be divided into clear juice and mixed juice.

Fruit juice decanter centrifuge in the process of technical design is very advanced and stable performance, the entire structure of the device is simple, small footprint, easy maintenance and can be automatically continuous work, the advantages of high utilization of raw materials. Small size, high speed, smaller capacity and so on, for the need to separate the larger, smaller handling capacity and other occasions.

Fruit juice decanter centrifuge can be effective in the extraction of its pomace, so that to some extent, the juice to clarify the role of the use will be effective in accordance with its different requirements, can be effectively divided into clear juice and mixed juice. Clear juice such as: apple juice, grape juice, etc .; mix juice, such as: fruit orange and so on.

Juice decanter centrifuges have bearing sets at both ends that allow them to flexibly rotate relative to the drum. Spiral middle cloth chamber, along the circumferential direction with a feed opening. One end of the spiral is connected with the output of the differential via a spline shaft, providing differential power to the spiral to make the spiral produce differential rotation speed. When the screw and the drum have a certain speed difference, the settlement of the solid material in the drum wall under the action of the spiral to the drum cone tip end of the direction of movement, and finally dehydration by drum cone section, by the slag discharge port Drain the drum.