Advantages and thickness adjustment of high speed 3 phase centrifuge

- Apr 13, 2018-

The thickness of the different liquid rings during the operation of the high speed 3 phase centrifuge can be adjusted by the liquid regulating plate. The slag deposited on the wall of the drum is a cone directly transmitted from the screw conveyor to the transfer body. The high-speed three-phase centrifuge is discharged from the discharge port into the solids accumulation tank. Water and oil are discharged from the respective outlets. The three-phase separation process of the entire oil, water and slag is automatically fed and discharged automatically.

Advantages of using high speed 3 phase centrifuge

1. The differential of the high-speed three-phase centrifuge has high precision and compact structure, and it operates smoothly and with high safety during operation.

2. The main bearing of the high-speed three-phase centrifuge is the use of its imported bearings, so that it can ensure the accuracy of its operation, and it is very convenient when operating.

3. The parts of the equipment that come in contact with the materials are made of high quality stainless steel.

4. The whole machine is equipped with a variety of safety overload protection devices, so that it can ensure its safety production to a certain extent.

5. The whole system design has common type and explosion-proof type to meet different requirements.

6. Large aspect ratio, high speed, drum cone structure with various angles.

7. The rack can be designed with low center of gravity, high bracket, and mobile type according to the user's needs.