Although the domestic decanter centrifuge started late, the technology has surpassed some foreign brands

- Mar 19, 2020-

What is the performance and quality of the decanter centrifuge? It is difficult to make breakthroughs in performance. It is difficult to make a breakthrough in performance, that is, the processing capacity is small, mud cakes are dirty, the filtrate is muddy, and the adaptation surface is narrow. The rate and maintenance cost are high, the sewage treatment plant is not operating normally, and even the production is suspended for a long time, etc. These factors restrict the appearance of product value, drag the price of products and the expansion of the market. This is the fundamental problem that plagues manufacturers of decanter centrifuges, and it continues to viciously cycle. China has experienced about fifty years from the introduction of decanter centrifuges to self-manufacturing. However, it has only been more than ten years to really engage in the scale research and development and manufacturing of decanter centrifuges. In recent years, with the advancement of industry and living standards, people have become more and more aware of the importance of decanter centrifuges, and the fields of use have become wider and wider. The number of decanter centrifuge manufacturing enterprises has increased from several to dozens, which has nearly doubled. Many enterprises belong to family workshops with 20-30 people or less.

At present, foreign centrifuges are developing towards the direction of mechatronics, and have realized automatic detection and adjustment of separated materials on horizontal spiral centrifuges, automatic protection of mechanical properties, random detection and automatic alarm of vibration, and separation feedback of overload protection. At present, China has begun to pay attention to the research and application of mechatronics, but the horizontal spiral centrifuge has just started. In recent years, with the extensive repairs of large-scale municipal sewage treatment plants in China, the use of decanter centrifuges in the field of municipal sludge dewatering has increased year by year. It also launched its own products and entered the mall at a lower price. At present, the price of imported equipment is about three times that of domestic equipment. The horizontal spiral pusher sedimentation centrifuge is referred to as the horizontal screw centrifuge, which is one of the aspiring solid-liquid separation equipment widely used in the fields of food, medicine, chemical industry and waste water treatment. After all the technical comparisons above, it is not difficult to see that, although the Chinese decanter centrifuge industry started late, some manufacturers have reached the international advanced level in terms of technology and functions, and have even surpassed some in some special technologies. Centrifuges of foreign brands.

However, from the perspective of the overall operation of China's centrifuge mechanism, it is undeniable that the overall level of China's centrifuge manufacturing profession and foreign centrifuge manufacturing, new technology development, humanization, and the use of certain new technologies (primarily new concepts) Use) and other aspects still a little distance. It is advocated that domestic production of centrifuges can further improve the use of new technologies and production technologies of decanter centrifuges in many aspects. To help the owners of the decanter centrifuge company to solve the company's long-term problems, it is necessary to use materials science and manufacturing technology. In short, the decanter centrifuge manufacturer needs to recruit a decentralized centrifuge with superb and comprehensive development and manufacturing technology authority, or obtain reliable centrifuge technical information from the technical authority for a fee.