Analysis of heating problem of centrifugal motor bearings

- Apr 26, 2017-

The reasons for the heating of centrifugal motor bearings are several, and detailed analysis is needed.
First, may be due to overload or overload, may be the heat dissipation fans, and other current problems, may be due to mechanical friction generated heat, but the main problem is whether the bearings can be authentic, some users to low-priced and buy low-priced bearings, resulting in the bearing fever, scalding, so that the bearing burn and so on phenomena. Therefore, the first emphasis is to be purchased authentic (imported) bearings. The bearings used in the centrifuge series are imported with SKF bearings.
Second, should pay attention to adhere to mechanical lubrication, the selection of high-quality high-temperature lithium-based grease, lithium-based Grease is also the other main reason for bearing fever. In addition to the careful examination of your situation, assuming that mechanical friction will accompany the noise, mechanical components will have obvious wear and tear you said that the bearings are loose, that should be the problem of bearing rendering, demand change bearings. Advised to buy authentic imported bearings. Centrifuge is a high-speed equipment, high speed demand for good bearings, high-quality authentic bearings can ensure the long-term normal operation of centrifuges, the use of life expectancy of up to more than 10 years.
Third, the spindle of the centrifuge can be accurate, under normal circumstances people do not pay attention to concentric degrees, spindle concentric inclination is very easy to constitute the bearing fever. This requires the production of centrifugal electromechanical machine with strong technology and production capacity, some centrifuge manufacturers in order to save production costs, motor shaft and motor stator assembly, not in the Motor Manufacturers synchronous assembly, due to lack of technical guidance, easy to produce spindle concentric tilt, and forming the bearing fever.
Of course, here is the main reason, there are some reasons to rely on users to pay attention to the use of imbalance, long-term imbalance in the operation, can also make the bearing fever. This requires that centrifuges have unbalanced protection measures. The other is to have a good use of users, according to the use of manual operation of manufacturers.