Application and selection of horizontal screw centrifuge

- Aug 20, 2020-

Based on the analysis of actual application effects, many users regard the horizontal screw centrifuge as a high-efficiency and energy-saving centrifugal separation equipment. So, in practical applications, what kind of excellent performance does the horizontal screw centrifuge exert? For users, what issues should be paid attention to during the selection period? Let's take a look at the specific content!

1. What are the three application scenarios of horizontal screw centrifuges?
From the current point of view, the actual application of the horizontal screw centrifuge mainly includes three aspects. The first is to complete the solid phase dehydration requirements. For example, in the process of processing materials, the solid particles can get a good dehydration effect. The second is to achieve particle size classification, which is mainly to remove solid particles with larger particle sizes in the feed liquid. The third application scenario is to clarify the liquid phase, which is generally used to remove solid particles in the suspension to obtain a clear liquid.

Analyzed from the characteristics of the horizontal screw centrifuge itself, the equipment is more suitable for the processing of materials with a large concentration range, fine particle size and wide distribution. Under normal circumstances, as long as the materials constituting the suspension have a certain density difference and can flow into the machine, they can be separated.

2. How can I buy a suitable horizontal screw centrifuge during the selection process?
For users, model selection is a big problem. Suitable model selection can not only solve production problems and improve work efficiency, but also save production costs and reduce operating risks. So, what are the main factors affecting the selection of horizontal screw centrifuges?

In general, in the process of selecting a horizontal screw centrifuge, we should focus on comparing these important aspects, that is, the speed of the horizontal screw centrifuge, equipment materials, differential speed control, aspect ratio, control system and Processing technology, etc.