Application effect of oil water separator centrifuge in various industries

- Jan 30, 2019-

The oil water separator centrifuge utilizes the difference in oil-water density to cause the high-speed rotating oil-water mixture to generate different centrifugal forces, thereby separating the oil from the water. This type of equipment has high removal efficiency and can effectively separate oil from water and slag; simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance; high separation factor, good separation effect, large production capacity; small footprint and simple installation.
The oil water separator centrifuge can be applied to many aspects, such as oil purification. Many processes in industrial processing involve the lubrication and cooling of thin oil. The oil used for a long time recycle contains particles such as water and fine metal powder. The oil-water separation centrifuge can effectively separate water from the oil and remove fine particles. Thereby extending the service life of the oil.
Or biodiesel oil-water separation, biodiesel is obtained by esterification of formaldehyde and a basic catalyst with oil and fat as raw materials. The glycerol produced by the reaction is a by-product. The oil-water separation centrifuge is mainly separated from the water washing process in the fat exchange process to obtain the finished biodiesel.
In addition, the oil-water separation centrifuge can also play a role in waste oil regeneration and separation of animal and vegetable oils, which not only reduces the cost of cleaning waste oil, but also recovers oil from waste oil, thereby generating profits. Improve the quality of vegetable oil, the production capacity from 10 tons per day to more than 600 tons per day.