Application of horizontal spiral centrifuge

- Jun 16, 2020-

In the centrifuge market, horizontal spiral centrifuges are widely used in various fields of production economy due to their remarkable adaptability to materials, large processing capacity, continuous operation, high degree of automation, and small footprint. Such as chemical, food, environmental protection, papermaking, sewage treatment, etc. materials with a certain density difference are separated or classified, etc., especially suitable for automatic classification of different particle sizes or solid-liquid separation of suspensions with a large concentration and particle size variation range .

The main working principle of the screw centrifuge is the centrifugal force brought by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge, so that the denser solid phase in the suspension entering the drum is settled and separated by the centrifugal force and the pressure of the centrifugal liquid. During the operation, the technical parameters of the equipment can be adjusted to meet the separation requirements of different materials. Then, according to its operating principle, the main applications of horizontal spiral centrifuge equipment are:
Application 1: Solid-phase dehydration
It can be mainly used to treat the middle solid particles of materials to achieve the effect of dehydration.

Application 2: Granularity classification
For the solid particles with larger particle size existing in the separated material, the horizontal spiral centrifuge equipment is used to remove the separation.

Application 3: Liquid phase clarification
If the separated suspension contains solid particulate impurities, etc., it can be clarified using centrifuge equipment.

Horizontal spiral centrifuges are generally suitable for processing materials with a large concentration range, fine particle size, and wide distribution. In general, as long as the suspension to be separated contains a certain density difference and can flow into the centrifuge equipment, even if the concentration changes in a small range, there is no need to make more adjustments.