Application of Solid Bowl Decanter Centrifuge

- May 30, 2018-

A solid bowl decanter centrifuge is a centrifuge that separates the suspension by means of centrifugal sedimentation and removes the material in a spiral manner. It continuously feeds, separates, and unloads at full speed, and is suitable for solid-liquid separation, particle size classification, liquid clarification, etc., with a solids concentration of 2-40% suspension.


Compared to ordinary centrifuges, solid decanter centrifuges have the advantages of continuous operation, large processing capacity, small unit power consumption, compact structure, and easy maintenance. It is especially suitable for the separation of suspensions that are difficult to regenerate filter cloths and have a wide range of particle sizes and particle sizes.


After the solid bowl decanter centrifuge is turned on, there is concentrically installed feeding spirals in the high-speed rotating non-porous drum, and the two rotate in the same direction at a certain differential speed, and the differential speed is generated by the differential. At the same time, the suspension is introduced into the spiral drum through the central feeding pipe and is initially accelerated. After the centrifugal force is applied, a heavier solid phase deposits on the drum wall to form a sediment layer, which is further pushed by the screw to the drum cone section. After dewatering, it is discharged through the small-end slag discharge port; while the lighter liquid phase forms the inner-layer night ring discharged from the large-end overflow port.


Filter centrifuges with similar functions to solid bowl decanter centrifuges, but the difference between them is still quite obvious. The device of the solid decanter centrifuge has a closed drum shape. The solid-liquid two-phase separation is achieved through centrifugal force. The applicable materials are extensive. For example, the material viscosity is large, and small solid particles can achieve solid-liquid two-phase by increasing the centrifugal force. Separate requirements.


In contrast, the filter-type centrifuge equipment is a centrifuge, and the additional filter medium is a solid-liquid two-phase separation centrifuge by interception. It is more suitable for small material viscosity, solid particles are not easy to deform, solid phase The working conditions of large and small batch production of particles are mostly used for industrial dewatering.


In this case, when ordering a solid bowl decanter centrifuge from the manufacturer, the user must provide basic information such as the purpose of use, the name of the material to be separated, the separation requirements, and the requirements for the constitution of the centrifuge and the parts in contact with the material, so as to ensure Satisfactory separation effect.