Application of water treatment decanter centrifuge in sewage treatment of aquaculture plant

- Nov 26, 2018-

The water treatment decanter centrifuge has a wide range of applications in the sewage treatment of large-scale farms. It can be used not only in the pretreatment stage of sewage, but also in sludge dewatering in the subsequent treatment. Overall, the horizontal water treatment decanter centrifuge has an incomparable advantage over traditional separation equipment. The specific performance is as follows:


1. The overall one-time capital investment, no follow-up investment. There is no filter in the process of solid-liquid separation in the water treatment and sedimentation centrifuge. The filter and the frame filter press must use the filter. The filter usually needs to be replaced once every 3-4 months. The machine is not properly operated. The life expectancy is shorter, and it takes a lot of time to accumulate.


2. The procurement of auxiliary equipment is small, the dosage is less, and the use cost is reduced. The horizontal screw water treatment decanter centrifuge has a small dosage when dealing with the general sewage mixture, and even a good treatment effect can be obtained without adding a lot of materials.


3. High degree of automation and reduced labor. The horizontal screw water treatment decanter centrifuge has an ideal treatment effect, and the operation is simple, which saves a lot of labor costs. The whole machine is fully sealed, the working environment is good, the workshop environment is beautiful and clean.