Automatic sludge dewatering machine operation steps

- Jan 24, 2018-

Automatic sludge dewatering machine in the use of its sludge and flocculant mixed reaction and flocculation into a group, in the use of effective sludge dewatering machine through its gravity or dehydration wedge pressure dehydration, low pressure dehydration, shear dewatering As well as medium-pressure dehydration and high-pressure dehydration, so that the sludge moisture gradually reduced, and finally into the solid discharge.

Automatic sludge dewatering machine operation steps

1 in the process of using the need to reconcile the effective access to the effective sludge sludge dewatering zone, the fabric agency and the role of institutions under the coalescence with the filter forward movement and under the action of gravity, Sludge void water.

2. When the sludge with its filter belt to the end of the gravity dehydration zone, through the turning mechanism into the wedge-shaped dewatered zone of sludge in the wedge-shaped dewatered zone, the sludge is wedge pressure formed by the two filter preloading , To further remove sludge free interstitial water and surface water.

3. The gravity-concentrated and wedge pressure pre-dehydration sludge into the low-pressure zone and high-pressure zone squeezing dehydration, the pressure zone by the low-pressure roller and high-pressure roller composition, the filter wrapped in sludge wrapped around the surface of the pressure roller operation, due to pressure Roller diameter is arranged from big to small, so the pressure applied to the sludge filter is gradually increased from small to large, which is consistent with the dewatering of sludge.

4. After pressing the filter cake after dehydration into a solid scraper scraper and shipped out.

The whole automatic sludge dewatering machine is used to remove the role of the framework of the tile, the drive device in the device to drive two or more filter belt endless continuous movement, the tension device is responsible for tensioning the filter belt to form a stain Mud pressure force; cleaning device is responsible for cleaning the residue on the filter residue to ensure high efficiency filter work.

Automatic sludge dewatering machine is designed for wastewater treatment and design of the belt-type concentrated dewatering machine. It consists of sludge conditioning device, pretreatment rotary centrifuge, sludge uniform system, gravity dehydration zone, wedge compression zone, preloading dehydration zone, low pressure dehydration zone, shear dewatering zone, automatic cleaning device, filter cloth transmission device , Filter cloth automatic correction system, cloth protection device, emergency protection device and auxiliary equipment.