Brief description of PP melt-blown filter production line automatic cutting system

- Jun 15, 2018-

PP melt-blown filter automatic cutting system is a very important part of PP melt-blown filter production line automation production. Compared with traditional manual cutting methods, PP meltblown filter automatic cutting system relies on sensor positioning and mechanical action cutting to get rid of the dependence on the operator, effectively reducing the running production cost of the PP meltblown filter production line.


Not only that, after using the automatic cutting system, it can also avoid the possibility of affecting the cutting quality of the filter element in the operation of the PP melt-blown filter production line because of the staff's operation methods. It has the characteristics of accurate cutting size control and flat surface. In fact, this automatic cutting system utilizes the axial rotation of the PP melt-blown filter element in its production, and the action of the cutting blade driven by the compressed gas, supplemented by a synchronous positioning device, completes the dimensional cutting of the PP filter element online.


Therefore, in practical applications, the automatic cutting system is usually set at the end of the PP melt-blown filter production line. In accordance with the filter size requirements to complete the position adjustment and angle setting of the cutter, the online automatic cutting function of the filter element can be realized. Of course, the automatic cutting system can also be added as a separate function module to your original filter production equipment without automatic cutting function to improve the production efficiency.


For users, this automatic cutting system has a wide range of applications. With the operation of the PP melt-blown filter production line, it can automatically cut according to different cutting requirements, and the surface smoothness and running resistance is small, suitable for diameters of 30 to 200 mm. Conventional and special specifications such as filter. At the same time, it also has a high cutting accuracy, which is the use of photoelectric sensor positioning and mechanical parts control cutting action, to avoid the operator may manually cut the filter may produce human error and flaws.


In addition, energy consumption was significantly reduced during the operation of the PP melt-blown filter production line. Moreover, since the cutting process is automated, the production of the PP melt-blown filter production line can be stabilized after production, which effectively reduces production costs.