Brief Description of The Principle of The Volute Sludge Dewatering Machine

- May 26, 2017-

Volute sludge dewatering machine can be widely used in engineering, petrochemical, municipal sewage treatment industry, chemical fiber, papermaking, pharmaceutical, leather and other industrial water treatment system. The actual operation shows that volute sludge dewatering machinecan create considerable economic benefits and social benefits for customers.

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Working principle of screw sludge dewatering machine

1.Concentration: when the screw driven shaft rotates, a push shaft multiple peripheral Guhuo laminations relative motion under the action of gravity, water filtered from the stack gap relative movement, to achieve rapid enrichment.
2.After the concentrated sludge dewatering with the rotation of the screw shaft to move forward along the direction of exports; mud cake, the screw shaft pitch becomes smaller, the gap between the ring and the ring has gradually become smaller, the spiral cavity volume shrinking; at the outlet pressure plate under the action of internal pressure gradually increased, and promote in order to promote the continuous operation of the spiral shaft, sludge water squeezed out, the cake solid content increasing, finally realize the continuous dehydration of sludge.
3.Self cleaning: the screw shaft rotation, promote the continuous rotation swimming ring, mobile devices rely on between the fixed ring and swimming ring to achieve self cleaning process is continuous, so skillfully to avoid clogging problems of traditional dehydration machine.

Volute sludge dewatering machine structure principle

The screw body of the dewatering machine is a filtering device formed by that the fixed ring and the traveling ring are stacked with each other, and the spiral shaft penetrates through the filter. The front part is a condensing part, and the back part is a dewatering part.
Formed between the fixed ring and moving ring filter joint and the screw shaft to pitch from the concentrated dehydration gradually becomes smaller.
The rotation of the spiral shaft drives the sludge from the concentration part to the dewatering part, and simultaneously drives the swimming ring to clean the filter seam to prevent the blockage.

Volute sludge dewatering machine principle

In the sludge concentration section by gravity concentration after stack screw machine is transported to dehydration, in advance of the process with filter cracks and pitch becomes smaller, and the pressure plate barrier under the action of great pressure, volume continued to shrink, to achieve full dehydration.

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