Centrifuge adaptability from decanter centrifuge model specifications

- Mar 24, 2020-

There are many types of centrifuge separator equipment, and various types of decanter centrifuge specifications are dazzling. Thank you to the centrifuge industry for setting important centrifuge parameters into a unified national standard. From a simple centrifuge model specification code Can read out the most important parameter information of the centrifuge separator provides a favorable condition for comparison on the paper for the selection and comparison of centrifuges. Of course, the centrifuge model specification code not only provides a reference for the comparison of parameters in the selection. It also provides the targeted adjustments made by the centrifuge to adapt to the development of the industry. Let's take the decanter centrifuge as an example to talk about the improvement and development of the centrifuge in the solid-liquid separation industry.

Drum diameter of decanter centrifuge:
The drum diameter is a very important parameter of the centrifuge. The centrifuge code LW450X2000 is analyzed. In the centrifuge model specification code, the centrifuge drum diameter parameter 450 and the centrifuge length 2000 are the parameters that mainly characterize the performance of the centrifuge. . In production, the larger the diameter of the decanter centrifuge, the larger the sedimentation area in the solid-liquid separation process. The stronger the processing capacity, for example, Sunshine designed a series of centrifuge drums according to the actual processing needs of different industries. Diameter, only the diameter of the decanter centrifuge has 250, 300, 355, 400, 450, 500, 530, 580, 650 and other parameters, which is more suitable for the precise positioning of the centrifuge in the separation industry.

Drum length of decanter centrifuge:
There is a very realistic problem is that the diameter of the centrifuge drum cannot be infinitely increased due to the constraints of materials and technology. In order to enhance the separation ability, there is a design trend to increase the aspect ratio. The current diameter of the centrifuge drum At 200 ~ 1000mm, because with the increase of the length of the centrifuge drum, the length-to-diameter ratio of the decanter centrifuge drum is now gradually increasing, and the time that the material is subjected to the centrifugal force field in the drum is equal to the distorted increase. In order to improve the separation performance of the equipment, the decanter centrifuge developed now has developed to 3 to 4 times the length-to-diameter ratio, and there is a trend of targeted increase according to needs. High speed and length-to-diameter ratio is one of the future trends of centrifuge development.

Feeding mechanism of horizontal screw centrifuge modification:
The pusher mechanism of the centrifuge is an important part of the centrifuge. It bears the important task of slag removal and slag removal in the separation process. An important problem in the design and manufacture of the centrifuge is to solve the problem of smooth blockage and discharge. Strictly define the adjacent cone pitch and the half cone angle of the drum, which can effectively respond to the problem of slagging and blocking and smooth the slagging. With the expansion of the decanter centrifuge market and the increase of the targetedness of the centrifuge to the industry, the future development of centrifuges The trend will be to adapt more and more within smaller and smaller areas.