Centrifuge failure analysis and troubleshooting

- Oct 06, 2020-

Reasons for the strong vibration of the centrifuge:
1: uneven cloth
Elimination method: adopt reasonable feeding method according to the nature of the material, try to make the material distribution in the drum evenly

2: Damaged leakage of filter layout
Remedy: replace the filter cloth

3: Part of the filter hole on the drum wall is blocked
Elimination method: remove the casing and remove the deposits inside and outside the drum wall

4: The liquid outlet is blocked, and there is effusion in the chassis, which makes the drum rotate in the effusion
Remedy: Remove the casing and outlet pipe, and remove the sediment in the pipe and chassis

5: Spindle nut is loose
Elimination method: tighten the nut

6: The buffer spring is broken
Remedy: replace the buffer spring

7: The installation is not level or the column foot connection screw is loose
Elimination method: adjust the base to make the three-pillar feet level, adjust the spherical washer seat and washer to make the chassis level, and tighten the connecting screws

8: Drum deformation
Elimination method: plastic surgery, rebalance

9: The brake ring friction plate unilaterally rubs the bottom of the drum
Remedy: replace or repair the friction plate, adjust the brake ring