Centrifuge tube material of sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge

- Mar 08, 2018-

Centrifuge tube is an important part of the whole sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge, its quality and performance will directly affect the quality and efficiency of the centrifuge production, so when choosing the centrifuge tube can not be sloppy , We must learn to distinguish the quality.


Centrifuge tubes used in sludge dewatering decanter centrifuges are of the three types of glass, plastic and stainless steel, and the performance of each type is inferior to the same. In contrast, glass centrifuge tube fragile, so when used to the heart force should not be too large, while the other two kinds of centrifuge tube there is no such problem.


Therefore, as far as possible for the sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge matching plastic or stainless steel centrifuge tube, polypropylene which is small in hardness, was transparent or translucent, is a high-quality plastic centrifuge tube, and plastic centrifuge tube cover, centrifuge tube Cover must be covered tightly, not leak inverted, better performance in all aspects. Stainless steel pipe is superior performance, no distortion, strength, heat resistance, frost resistance stronger.


In fact, sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge production quality and efficiency not only depends on the use of centrifuge tubes, but also with its production methods, such as sedimentation balance centrifugation method for similar size but different density of material separation work, because the centrifugal process needs to make All components reach their equilibrium position, so centrifugation takes longer.


The sludge dewatering and decanter centrifuge differential centrifugation method is relatively simple and convenient, and more used for crude purification or initial concentration of samples, by selecting a different speed of centrifugation, to achieve the separation of different components results. There are speed zone centrifugation, mainly for the separation of the same density, while the size of the material.