Characteristics and development and application of horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge

- Aug 22, 2020-

Due to the different structure and working principle, the spiral sedimentation centrifuge can be divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. Among them, the horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge is widely used. The equipment has the advantages of high separation factor, the solid phase accumulates on the outer wall of the equipment after the liquid and solid two phases are separated, and no filter medium is used.

Because of this, we can see that people often use horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuges to filter solid particles with small diameters, small two-phase density differences, and difficult separation of liquid-solid separation. The equipment can operate automatically, has a large production capacity, and has low operation and maintenance costs. In addition, the equipment can also be used for the separation of liquid-liquid two-phase or liquid-liquid-solid three-phase separation, playing a more important role in modern industry.

Below we mainly introduce the working principle of the horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge for everyone. In fact, this equipment is mainly composed of a high-speed rotating drum and a screw conveyor with a certain differential speed in the same direction as the rotating drum, a differential, and a driving device.

After the materials to be separated are sent to the horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge, the denser solid particles will quickly settle to the inner wall of the drum under the action of centrifugal force. At the same time, due to the relative slip between the screw conveyor and the drum, the solid particles accumulated on the inner wall of the drum can be dehydrated to the drying area at the small end of the drum, and then discharged from the slag outlet, while the clear liquid is discharged from the drum. The big end overflows out.

So far, horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuges have been widely used in many different industries. The equipment can complete the separation requirements of solid phase dehydration, liquid phase clarification, liquid-liquid-solid, liquid-solid-solid three-phase separation and particle size classification. And the adaptability of the horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge is very good.