Common maintenance method of hydraulic oil filter

- Apr 26, 2017-

In the day-to-day use of hydraulic oil filter, should pay attention to the regular maintenance, that maintenance work specifically how to do it? Let's chat with you about the details of the maintenance of the hydraulic oil filter.
1, before the original to vent the hydraulic oil, check back oil filter, oil filter, pilot filter, to see whether or not to attach copper chips or other impurities, such as impurities may have hydraulic components failure, overhaul, cleaning system.
2, distinguish hydraulic oil marking, different brands, different marking of hydraulic oil can not be mixed with each other, may react to produce impurities.
3, the change of hydraulic oil should be replaced at the same time all hydraulic oil filter (back oil filter, oil filter, pilot filter), otherwise the equivalent of not.
4, after adding oil attention to the main pump to exhaust air, otherwise light is temporarily the whole car without action, the main pump abnormal sound (air sound explosion), heavy gas holes damaged the main pump. The exhaust air method is to loosen the pipe fitting directly at the top of the main pump and fill it directly.
5, refueling to the standard position, the hydraulic tank generally have oil level table, see the liquid Level table. Note Parking method, generally all the oil tanks are retracted, that is, small arms, shovel fully stretched out and landed.
6, refueling before the need to install the oil suction filter, oil filter hood of the pipe mouth directly to the main pump, into the impurities light to accelerate the main pump wear, heavy pump.