Concrete application and structural characteristics of solid decanter centrifuge

- Jul 11, 2018-

The solid decanter centrifuge is a centrifugal device that can realize the centrifugal sedimentation operation. This kind of centrifuge has the advantages of simple and convenient operation, good use effect, etc., and from the current point of view, its application is also very much, and intermittent operation can be performed to obtain a good separation effect. Its specific application is to treat suspensions containing solid particles.


The working principle of a solid decanter centrifuge is:

This type of centrifuge uses the difference in specific gravity between solid and liquid and relies on centrifugal force to carry out solid sedimentation, thereby achieving solid-liquid separation. When the equipment is in operation, the suspension forms a circular liquid layer along the wall under the action of centrifugation, and the solid particles in the liquid form a sediment on the drum wall. When the suspension is subjected to solid-liquid separation, the clarified liquid is discharged through the drum overflow port, and the solid particles are discharged by manual or mechanical means. In addition, this type of centrifuge separates solid particles with a small particle size from the liquid.


The specific application of the solid decanter centrifuge is the separation of suspensions of crystals, chemical deposits and coal powder, as well as dewatering of various sewage sludges and slag removal of animal and vegetable oils. Therefore, the application of this type of centrifuge is very much.


Shaft system: The shafting system of the solid decanter centrifuge is rigid and flexible. If the centrifugal speed is not high and the rotor diameter is relatively large, it is more suitable to use the rigid shaft system.

Drum structure and feeding method: The drum structure of the centrifuge has two types: a positive cup type and a reverse cup type, and the corresponding feeding modes are the upper feeding type and the lower feeding type. If the drum adopts the inverted cup type and the feeding method adopts the lower feeding type, the spindle length can be shortened and the upper structure can be simplified, which helps the solid decanter centrifuge to smoothly discharge the slag.