Considerations for multi-function of vacuum oil filtration

- Apr 26, 2017-

Considerations for multi-function of vacuum oil filtration
1, the operation should pay attention to the State of the import and export tubing, must be firmly reliable, no leakage of oil phenomenon, when the occurrence of tubing falls off, should immediately shut down the transformer body oil and oil valves, and then processing or stopping the vacuum oil filter.
2, when the operation of the failure to suspend the oil filter, the shutdown steps must be strictly follow the steps.
3, Vacuum oil filter normal operation, attention should be paid to observe the oil level in the hole in the vacuum tank (oil level should be between 1/8 and 7/8), when the range should be adjusted to the size of the inlet valve (oil at the bottom, open the large inlet valve, high oil level, shut the small inlet valve).
4, the equipment normal operation, technical personnel should check the vacuum meter in 0.1 trillion kpa, the oil pressure in 0.2 trillion kpa, ammeter no swing.
5, the vacuum filter oil run, should keep the pumps, vacuum pumps, oil pump running normal, no abnormal sound. There is a smoking phenomenon in the exhaust holes in the upper part of the vacuum pump, which is normal. If there is no abnormal condition during the operation of the device, any parts on the device are prohibited.