CTO activated carbon filter production line product use and characteristics and how to buy

- Jul 16, 2018-

CTO activated carbon filter, which is one of the specific types of filter elements, and is more common and frequently used in water treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize and understand the production equipment or production line in order to properly manufacture the filter element. To get good quality products, at the same time, you can also make the filter has a good effect.


1.CTO activated carbon filter production line purchase

CTO activated carbon filter production line, in this kind of production line purchase, there are some considerations, for the product detailed parameters, origin, quality, real-time quotes and price quotes, as well as manufacturers and after-sales service. Moreover, these must be considered. If necessary, some considerations can be added, such as the product use environment and usage requirements, so that these factors can be combined to make a correct choice.


2. Product use of CTO activated carbon filter production line

CTO activated carbon filter production line, the product is a filter core of CTO activated carbon filter, and this kind of filter element is made of high quality shell and coal activated carbon, and processed by special processing with food grade adhesive, and It integrates adsorption, filtration, interception and catalysis. Therefore, it can be used in water purification treatment to remove organic matter, residual chlorine and some radioactive substances in water, and has the function of discoloration. In addition, it can also be used in air purification and used to remove odors.


The application fields of the CTO activated carbon filter production line are specifically for water purification treatment, food bleaching, oil field workover fluid and water injection filtration, and also for filtration treatment of chemical liquid and plating solution.


3. Features of CTO activated carbon filter production line

CTO activated carbon filter production line, a production line, has its own characteristics, is:


(1) The CTO activated carbon filter produced by the CTO is one of the filter elements, which has good use effect and filtration effect, and can also remove odor in water and air, and chlorine in water.

(2) There may be a larger value in the amount of adsorption of the filter element. Moreover, it is also possible to design a large adsorption amount.

(3) The production process is not complicated and the operation is simple and convenient. If it is operated correctly and in a standardized manner, it can guarantee the product quality and the use effect of the product, so that the product has good performance. In addition, there are various product specifications, and you can choose according to different usage needs and get the desired effect.