CTO Active carbon block filter cartridge machine with high precision and use characteristics

- May 23, 2018-

CTO Active carbon block filter cartridge machine can be effectively used in the process of operation in accordance with the various problems common in the solid-liquid separation and filtration process of its various industries, to a certain extent, the introduction of international advanced technology developed by the industry, to a certain extent, the use of its filter Special stainless steel filter, long life, large output, high precision.

CTO Active carbon block filter cartridge machine to a certain extent, mainly to the original use of pressure oil institutions, when used in the slag contains low and convenient operation and easy slag, to a certain extent, very suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and other industries in the production of bleaching Filtration and separation processes such as oil filtration, clarification and filtration, and crystals, in particular, solve the problems of oilseeds, rapeseeds, ramie, etc. in the oil and fat industry that are difficult to filter and difficult to remove.

CTO Active carbon block filter cartridge machine to a certain extent will be effectively based on the common problems in its various industries solid-liquid separation and filtration, to a certain extent, directly to the industry's international advanced technology effective development and research made.

CTO activated carbon filter machine features

1.CTO activated carbon filter machine does not need filter cloth and filter paper during operation, which greatly reduces the cost of filtration.

2.CTO activated carbon filter machine fully enclosed operation, environmental protection, no material loss.

3.CTO activated carbon filter machine shake off slag greatly reduces the labor intensity to achieve continuous operation.

4. CTO activated carbon filter valve pneumatic valve slag, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers.

5 .CTO activated carbon filter machine in the liquid residue or activated carbon (white clay) filtration or dehydration filter, can completely replace the frame filter, filter industry is the preferred device.

The scope of application of CTO Active carbon block filter cartridge machine

1. Petrochemical: Polyether, diesel, lubricating oil, white oil, transformer oil.

2. Mineral oil and base oil: dibutyl ester, dioctyl ester.

3. Grease: crude oil, bleaching, gasification, winter oil, etc.

4. Food: gelatin, salad oil, starch, sugar juice, monosodium glutamate, milk, etc.

5. Pharmaceuticals: Hydrogen peroxide, Vitamin C, glycerin, etc.

6. Coatings: Varnish, resin paint, real paint, 685 varnish, etc.