Decanter Centrifuge Common Faults and Elimination Method

- Mar 26, 2018-

The motor stops working while in service:
1.    If main power indicator light on, you should check the degree of wear of the brush, If the brush wear is more than 1/3 of the total amount, the new brush should be replaced in time.
2.    If main power indicator is not light on, please Check whether the fuse of the indicator light fuse and the indoor distribution board fuse is fused, and check whether the power line is in good contact. If the fuse is broken, replace the fuse and keep the circuit open.
3.    Should also check the indicating value of the vacuum pump and oil pressure, such as oil pressure is too high and the host can not start, must check whether the oil plug, especially the throttle hole was clear, if you don't open should be clean to make it clear.
4.    If the bearing is damaged or rotates, the bearing inner oil or bearing has more dirt and the friction resistance increases, the motor can not reach the rated speed, and the bearing should be cleaned or replaced in time.
Main requirements for the above situation the operator familiar with operating procedures, correctly chooses the appropriate centrifugal pipe and the centrifugal rotor, pay attention to strictly control each step operation operation sequence, as far as possible to reduce unnecessary damage to people, the safety factor of the rotor and the guarantee period.
Power problems:
1.    The power failure is one of the reasons for the difference in the starting and cooling effect of the refrigerator, and the power supply and fuse should be checked separately.
2.    The ventilation performance is not good, if the instrument is installed in direct sunlight or ventilated bad place, radiator effect is poor, or radiator cover is full of dust, also can affect the refrigeration effect.
3.The weight of the centrifugal tube is not balanced, and the asymmetry is placed. There is foreign body in the rotor hole to make the load unbalanced. Fixing nuts on the upper end of the shaft is loose, and the shaft is rubbed or bent. The motor rotor is not in the center of the magnetic field to generate noise; The damage of the rotor itself can cause the body to vibrate violently and the sound is abnormal.