Decanter centrifuge has significant advantages in processing pharmaceutical sludge

- Aug 29, 2020-

Everyone should know that in fact, the raw materials used in the production of medicines are very complex, and the waste water produced will also contain various materials, which can become high-concentration organic waste water. When treating these sewage, we can choose different equipment and treatment methods, among which the use of a decanter centrifuge can achieve a more ideal effect.

Considering many aspects, in fact, the use of decanter sedimentation centrifuge technology for processing can ensure a relatively stable and reliable effect. In the application of this equipment, it is mainly aimed at the important link of sludge dewatering. After pretreatment, the wastewater produced by the pharmaceutical factory will produce a large amount of sludge-containing wastewater. Previously, this link was mainly completed with traditional separation equipment belt machine or frame-box filter press.

However, with the improvement of the technical level, more and more manufacturers have begun to choose decanter centrifuges to handle this link. This is mainly because the equipment has obvious advantages in this regard. The specific performance is:

1. The decanter sedimentation centrifuge does not require subsequent investment and has low cost.
The decanter centrifuge is used for processing, and there is no need to replace the filter regularly, which not only reduces the workload, but also reduces the subsequent investment cost.

2. The decanter sedimentation centrifuge has a small dosage and low cost.
The decanter centrifuge has better performance during the treatment process, so only a small amount of medicament needs to be added to achieve a more ideal treatment effect and reduce the cost of medication.

3. The decanter sedimentation centrifuge is easy to operate, saving labor costs.
The decanter decanter centrifuge is more practical and has a higher degree of automation, so for the operator, the entire processing process is relatively simple to operate and the labor intensity is small. In short, using this equipment can save a lot of labor costs.

4. The decanter decanter centrifuge has large processing capacity and can operate continuously.
Under normal circumstances, the decanter decanter centrifuge can operate continuously for 24 hours, and the processing capacity is relatively large.