Decanter centrifuge operation management

- Dec 31, 2020-

Because this system is a blast furnace gas washing water sludge treatment system, the quality of the recovered water changes greatly, the sludge particles cause serious wear on the equipment, and there are many uncertain factors affecting the outside world. In addition, the system has many types of treatment equipment and interlaced treatment links. The requirements for operation and operation personnel are relatively high. Therefore, to ensure the normal operation of each link and give full play to the role of various facilities and equipment, it is necessary to strengthen daily operation management and have a set of management measures to ensure it. The horizontal screw centrifuge uses the principle of centrifugal sedimentation to separate the drilling suspension, which is pushed to the slag discharge port at the small end of the drum through the blade on the screw pusher, and the liquid phase overflows through the overflow hole at the large end of the drum. Such a continuous cycle to achieve the purpose of continuous separation.