Dewatering screw press machine operation features and operating methods

- May 28, 2018-

As a typical dehydration equipment, the dewatering screw press machine can be widely used for the dewatering of high-humidity and slag material before drying, such as the dehydration of distiller's grains, fruit residue, dregs, and cassava residue. It will effectively remove about 20% of the water in the material, greatly reduce the burden on the dryer, greatly increase the output, and greatly reduce energy consumption. It is an indispensable processing equipment before the high-humidity material is dried.


Under normal circumstances, dehydration after the dewatering screw press machine can directly enter the drying equipment, greatly reducing the drying energy. In the actual operation process, once the speed regulating motor of the dehydration screw press is operating normally, the material can be uniformly added from the feed box.


After entering the dehydration screw press, the material advances in the axial direction under the action of the spiral rotating blade. During the advancement, the material is affected by the change of the screw pitch and the action of the adjusting baffle to form a huge squeezing force, which promotes the mechanical dewatering of the material under external force. . In this way, the moisture in the material is discharged through the screen at the outlet; the dehydrated material is discharged at the outlet box.


Compared with the traditional dehydration equipment, dewatering screw press machine has obvious automation advantages, not only saves manpower, but also easier to maintain and manage; and its own excellent mechanical performance, excellent durability, covers an area of province; also save energy, Low power consumption, low speed operation, no vibration and no noise.


The serpentine shape of the filter cloth in the dewatering screw press can be automatically calibrated to make the operation more smooth; due to multiple dehydration and strong dewatering capacity, the obtained sludge cake has a low moisture content; and the use of various sludge dehydration has high efficiency Large amount of processing.


As a main component of dewatering screw press machine, the installation and exchange of filter cloth are very convenient, and it is very simple to maintain; in the process of processing, the dosage of medicine is low, the operation cost is low, and the price is reasonable, which can save the user a lot of work cost.