Differential speed adjustment of sludge dewatering machine

- Apr 29, 2019-

The difference speed of the sludge dewatering machine determines the treatment capacity and the degree of mud biscuits, increases the speed difference, slag discharge quickly, and increases the treatment capacity, but the water content of the slag is high, the recovery rate is low; the differential rotation speed is reduced, and the mud biscuit degree is increased. It shows a large spiral torque and a reduced processing capacity. Therefore, in the contradiction between satisfying the maximum processing capacity and the best processing effect, it is necessary to find the optimum difference speed value, which can be adjusted up and down according to the actual situation, combined with the sludge flow rate, the mud biscuit degree, and the supernatant condition to determine .


It should be noted that in the case of the same sludge flow rate and sludge concentration, the differential speed of the sludge dewatering machine increases, the torque decreases, and the moisture content of the mud cake increases. Conversely, the differential speed decreases, the torque increases, and the moisture content of the mud cake decreases. . In principle, the difference speed parameter should be determined based on the principle of maximum processing capacity combined with the best treatment effect. When the dosage of flocculant is guaranteed within a reasonable dosage range, the centrifuge speed is fixed, and the concentration of the sludge is relatively stable, the processing capacity of the equipment is And the dehydration effect is completely dependent on the control of the differential speed.


The torque is also related to the dry solids load in the sludge dewatering machine, so it should be adjusted in combination with the mud load. After the sludge concentration changes, the same dry mud load will cause the torque to change when the dry solid load changes. When the same differential speed, the mud concentration increases and the torque increases. Therefore, this situation often occurs on the spot. In many cases, the torque is very large, but the degree of mud crackers is not high, and sometimes the torque is not high, but the mud cracker is very good, which is caused by the load of different equipment. Influence, therefore, to understand the degree of mud biscuits, not only to observe the equipment torque parameters, but ultimately the actual mud cake.