Elimination method of blocking material in decanter centrifuge

- Dec 08, 2020-

In the case that the decanter centrifuge cannot normally turn on the auxiliary frequency converter and alarm overload, we can remove the protective cover of the auxiliary motor. The input shaft pulley of the disc is rotated by hand. If there is a stuck phenomenon, it is proved that There is too much material between the screw and the drum and the screw is stuck. The solution is as follows

1. Use something to jam the differential pulley and manually rotate the steering wheel along the drum to move the drum until the obvious resistance disappears. Then adjust the main and auxiliary engines to a lower frequency and start at a low speed, add water and rinse.

2. Some decanter centrifuges use foreign inverters such as ABB. AB. Siemens. Some inverters have special low-speed protection starting methods. Can realize the function of low-speed high-torque start. Then just adjust the main and auxiliary engines to the low-speed section and add water for flushing.

3. Another method is to jam the drum and remove the end water retaining plate of the drum, turn the auxiliary machine to reverse and turn on the material from the drain port of the drum, and then adjust the auxiliary machine to the forward rotation row. Material repeated operation. This method is suitable for large length-to-diameter ratio decanters where the material blocking is particularly serious and the manual does not move at all.