Environmental protection value of horizontal screw centrifuge

- Sep 12, 2020-

Horizontal screw centrifuges have outstanding performance in solid-liquid separation operations. It is precisely because of its good treatment effect that it has been widely used in the process of industrial production such as sedimentation, clarification, concentration and solid-liquid dehydration, and it has created good economic value and environmental protection social value. So, what is the environmental value of the horizontal screw centrifuge?

Next, we will combine the application of horizontal screw centrifuge in sewage treatment and environmental protection to analyze the value of this equipment in pollution treatment. In fact, to answer this question, we also need to explain it in conjunction with the examples around us. Where does this device come in? We will find that whether it is industrial wastewater or domestic sewage, the equipment can achieve better treatment results.

In comparison, the horizontal screw centrifuge has a very obvious advantage in this regard. Its capacity to treat these sewage far exceeds the traditional pollution control mode, and it can also turn fertilizer into treasure. For example, when it is applied to domestic sewage treatment, we can collect the domestic sewage and industrial sewage discharged into the urban sewage system, which can be pre-treated, and then use the equipment for advanced treatment, so that it can be separated Fertilizer that is convenient for transportation and water that meets the standards.

It can be seen that the horizontal screw centrifuge not only has a better ability to treat sewage, but also can turn waste into treasure to reduce pollution, and it also saves a lot of money spent on sewage treatment. In addition, the application of this equipment in industry is more extensive. For example, the sewage it can treat includes: metallurgical wastewater, tannery wastewater, textile wastewater, papermaking wastewater, beverage factory wastewater, and textile printing and dyeing wastewater treatment.

Compared with traditional treatment methods, the use of a horizontal screw centrifuge not only has better treatment effects, but also creates value when solid-liquid separation is carried out.