Environmental Value of Horizontal Solid Liquid Separation Centrifuge

- Mar 15, 2018-

The horizontal solid-liquid separation centrifuge is a highly efficient solid-liquid separation device, which has many advantages such as high efficiency and high degree of separation efficiency. In terms of the current form, it is to a large extent It will be widely used in the process of settlement, clarification, concentration and solid-liquid dehydration in industrial production. After that, it will also create better economic value and environmental protection social value.


The main purpose of the horizontal solid liquid separation centrifuge is to include: the main source of sewage and wastewater, industrial wastewater and domestic sewage when the two major types of sewage treatment use horizontal solid-liquid separation centrifuge, which is not only The ability to control pollution will far exceed the traditional pollution control model, and it will be able to become a fertilizer afterwards. Therefore, the application of horizontal solid-liquid separation centrifuges will also become more widespread.


Horizontal solid liquid separation centrifuges are used in the treatment of domestic sewage, and discharged into the urban sewerage system. The sewage from these cities, such as domestic sewage and industrial effluent, is collected and subjected to pretreatment, and is then subjected to a horizontal solid-liquid separation centrifuge. Liquid separation, the separation of convenient transportation of fertilizers and water standards, change waste into treasure to reduce pollution, this will also be able to directly reduce the municipal wastewater treatment costs and improve processing efficiency.


The use of horizontal solid liquid separation centrifuges in industrial wastewater treatment is also becoming more widespread. It has a higher recovery value for industrial wastewater pollution and will be more suitable for horizontal solid-liquid separation and centrifugation when it is actually used. Machine skills, depending on the time of processing industry is not the same, the more common is that it will include metallurgical wastewater, textile wastewater, papermaking wastewater, tanning wastewater, beverage plant wastewater.


Compared with the traditional way of “water management”, the horizontal solid-liquid separation centrifuge is not only more efficient in controlling water, but also inevitably creates value when it is conducting water control. After the industrial waste water passes through the solid-liquid separation treatment in a horizontal solid-liquid separation centrifuge, valuable materials such as precious metals are enriched, and the drainage after the treatment reduces the pollution to an environmental protection standard and can even participate in production recycling again.