Features of products manufactured by PP string wound filter cartridge machine

- Dec 14, 2018-

PP string wound filter cartridge machine machine is mainly used in water purification, beverage, food, chemical, oil, pharmaceutical, electronics, environmental protection and other industries. Wraps a variety of different requirements yarn, wire wound filter special molding machine. PP string wound filter cartridge machine machine has high speed, good yarn forming, full line stop, fast line change, low energy consumption and so on.


The wound-type filter element manufactured by the PP-wound filter machine is made of textile fiber yarn finely wrapped around the porous skeleton, and has a filter element with different filtering precision after being manipulated to surround the density and the shape of the filter hole, and the outer diameter of the filter element is small and small. Excellent depth filtration. The textile fibers used in the filter element are polypropylene fiber, cotton fiber and polyacrylonitrile fiber, and the gas skeleton is generally made of polypropylene.


The PP string wound filter cartridge machine machine can be made of a variety of fiber materials to meet the needs of various liquid filtration; the filter pores are small and large, and have excellent deep filtration; it can effectively remove suspended solids, particles, etc. Can accept higher filtration pressure.


PP wound filter machines have been widely used in the food, electronics, petroleum and chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental and other industrial sectors. Suitable for all kinds of water purification, beverages and alcohol. Electroplating solution and various chemical reagents, various acid solution and solvent, emulsion washing liquid, photographic film emulsion, magnetic pulp, ink, oil, ink, gas, oxygen, compressed air and various medical and medicinal liquids Filtration of (gas), etc.