Filter cartridge machine

- Aug 24, 2017-

In today's increasingly industrial development, we are using more and more equipment. With the extension of working hours, mechanical equipment may also be some failure. For example, when we use the filter cartridge machine, you may hear some unusual noise, which means that the filter cartridge machine there was a fault.

filter cartridge machine

So why is this happening? In fact, the filter cartridge machine issued abnormal noise, mainly because the filter is blocked. If you want to resume normal operation, then we must be timely to clear. The best way is in the daily work, should pay attention to the regular cleaning of the filter. If the conditions permit, then you can also regularly replace the filter cartridge, so you can ensure a better filtering effect.

In addition, we should also consider a question is whether the selected filter cartridge machine element material to meet the requirements. Under normal circumstances, in the choice of filter cartridge machine filter material, we mainly through a specific working environment to make decisions. For example, if the working environment does not exist high temperature or corrosive strong problem, then you can choose glass fiber material, filter.

And if the filter cartridge machine in which the ambient temperature is relatively high, or contain some corrosive substances, then you should choose the metal material filter, such as stainless steel. Stainless steel is not only resistant to corrosion, but also can be reused. The glass fiber material filter is generally not re-use, are a one-time filter material.

In practical applications, the user can according to their needs to filter cartridge machine to adjust the accuracy of the appropriate level. In addition, when the choice of filter material, combined with the specific working environment can be considered.

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