Filter Cartridge Production Line Process

- Aug 09, 2017-

Filter cartridge production line is dedicated to the production of filter cartridge, the mechanized mode of operation makes the filter cartridge production becomes more efficient, the product quality has also been further improved. Is about to understand is the filter cartridge production line production process of the filter cartridge, which have to start from the selection of materials.

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In order to produce high quality and meet the requirements of the filter cartridge products, not only the filter cartridge production line configuration to be able to meet the conditions, while the selection of materials have to be appropriate. First set to the selection of aluminum in the filter cartridge to the majority of glass fiber, this material filter cartridge can not only intercept the impurities in the hydraulic oil, as well as its own relatively sharp, able to fully filter.
In addition to the selection of filter cartridge material, the filter cartridge production line should also be ready before the operation of the filter cartridge cage and the end of the cover, the general skeleton selected material is Q235 carbon steel punching plate, and its thickness is based on the filter cartridge to bear the pressure ; Election when the end of the general selection of stamping parts.
Materials are ready, you can use the filter cartridge production line for the processing of the filter cartridge, and its production process is still very simple, the first filter cartridge will be broken, and then is the skeleton of the volume circle, followed by the filter cartridge and skeleton with the end cover fixed together on it.
This production chain in the filter cartridge production line has a corresponding unit to complete, this process reduces the unnecessary steps, making the filter cartridge production efficiency has been significantly improved. In addition, the filter cartridge production line of continuous operations, to complete the production of large quantities of products is very favorable.

Filter cartridge production line.jpg

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