Food decanter centrifuges with high degree of automation and low energy consumption

- Jul 01, 2019-

The food decanter centrifuge has a high degree of automation, and the processes of feeding, separating and unloading of the equipment are continuously and automatically performed at full speed. The device control can communicate with the microcomputer according to the user's requirements to realize the process automation control.


The food decanter centrifuge has a good operating environment. The separation of the suspension from the machine is carried out under completely closed conditions, without any pollution to the operation site, and can keep the production environment clean and hygienic. Strong corrosion and rust resistance. The drum, screw, casing and other parts in contact with the material are made of high quality stainless steel, which has sufficient corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. If necessary, other materials can be changed according to the requirements of the user.


Food decanter centrifuges have low energy consumption. This model adopts better frequency conversion speed regulation technology, which has less impact on the power supply network and consumes 1/3 to 1/2 of the similar products. Smooth operation. The precise dynamic balance of the rotating parts and the dynamic balance of the working speed of the whole machine are implemented. The vibration intensity of the horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge is less than 5mm/s according to the company standard, which is far lower than the JB/T 502-2004 horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge. 〗 7.1mm / s.