Function and application range of meltblown filter element equipment

- Mar 07, 2020-

Meltblown filter element equipment is a kind of non-toxic and odorless polypropylene made by a series of heating, melting, spraying and receiving molding. PP meltblown filter element has extremely high depth filtration efficiency and is extremely resistant to acid and alkali. It can effectively remove suspended solids, rust and other impurities in water.

Product function introduction
PP meltblown filter element can effectively remove a variety of particulate impurities in water. Its own multilayer depth structure is very good at accepting pollution and its usage time will not be short. Its filtration flow rate is relatively low during operation. Large, low pressure difference, it is very reassuring in terms of safety, it does not contain any chemicals, ensuring both safety and hygiene. Its chemical stability is very good, the price is very reasonable in terms of cost, and it is very easy to replace. It has the characteristics of large flow, corrosion resistance, high pressure and low cost, and is very popular in the society. In fact, it can also block large particles such as rust, sediment, and eggs in the water.

Second, the precautions when using PP filter
When we are using a PP filter element, the meltblown filter element equipment must select the filter element according to the accuracy of the filtered liquid and the impurities contained. For viscous liquids, secondary filtration is required to ensure the service life of the filter element. In addition, we must ensure that the filter element is installed correctly during installation. Once the filtered water is found to be contaminated, we must carefully check the filter element for any tilt. If it is found that the pressure difference reaches 0.2MPa, it is necessary to clean or replace the filter element.

When we use PP filter elements, we will definitely encounter some problems. When we encounter some minor troubles, we can solve them by ourselves. Once we encounter major problems, we must find professional staff to solve them.