Horizontal centrifuge machine production efficiency and advanced working principle

- May 27, 2019-

We know that horizontal centrifuge machines are used in many chemical industries. In addition, some starch industries, including the food industry and the medical industry, have a wide range of requirements for such machines, and then manufacture antibiotic heat treatment oils. As well as vitamins and other materials, horizontal centrifuges must be used, and it is also suitable for handling enamel resins. It has a wide range of industrial uses and can bring good economic benefits and value to enterprises.


Horizontal centrifuges are generally divided into three types, namely horizontal sedimentation filter centrifuges. I am a scraper discharge centrifuge and a horizontal spiral filter discharge centrifuge. The operation mode and design method of each type of machine are different. The corresponding companies must order according to the quality and nature of their products.


In general, the horizontal centrifuge generally adopts a fully automated design, which can greatly save the human resources invested in the production process of the enterprise. It is a relatively advanced machine on the market, and the working principle of the machine is relatively simple, using high-speed rotation. The drum rotates the liquid out to achieve the purpose of producing the product.


The horizontal centrifuge can be used to separate solids and liquids well, and the filtration is completed. The whole process is not only fast, but also less personnel intervention, which can obtain good stable product performance and can ensure quality. Because this machine has good structural performance stability, and the whole machine has a small footprint, it saves the cost of the production enterprise and the utilization rate of raw materials is very high.