Horizontal decanter centrifuge operation and adjustment

- Jan 11, 2019-

First start the oil pump motor of the Horizontal decanter centrifuge, run for three to five minutes, then start the main motor, open the bottom valve of the crystallizer tank, and evenly add the material. At this time, it is necessary to pay close attention to the operating state and separation quality of the equipment, and adjust the factors such as the temperature, concentration, and feed amount of the suspended material to select the optimal operating parameters.


During the centrifugal operation of the Horizontal decanter centrifuge, it is necessary to ensure a suitable feed amount to avoid vibration of the equipment. For suspensions containing fine particles and difficult to filter, the number of pushes can be reduced, the residence time of the filter residue in the machine is long, and the moisture content of the filter residue is reduced. On the contrary, for the suspension containing coarse grains and easy to filter, in order to ensure the moisture content of the filter residue, the number of times of pushing is increased to obtain a higher yield.


After setting the operating parameters, make sure that the Horizontal decanter centrifuge can work stably in this state. Operators need to constantly observe operating current, oil pressure and temperature. In case of material blockage, the main motor should be stopped for a while, and the motor will start to resume normal operation after cleaning, otherwise it will stop checking.