Horizontal screw centrifuge has strong environmental performance and rapid development

- Aug 27, 2020-

Analyzing from the current application situation, horizontal screw centrifuges are used more and more frequently in many sewage treatment works. Analyzed from the use effect, the equipment can not only ensure better separation quality, but also has high work efficiency, and is easy to use, manage and maintain.

Under normal circumstances, if you want to make the horizontal screw centrifuge achieve a good operating state, you need to adjust the rotating speed of the drum, the dry solid load according to the actual needs, and choose the appropriate flocculant. In addition, it is necessary to reasonably control the preparation concentration, dosage, and dosage position of the flocculant.

The reason why the horizontal screw centrifuge has good environmental performance is mainly because the equipment is mainly used for dewatering the sludge produced in the process of industrial and civil sewage treatment in practical applications. In the process of treatment, not only can the actual value of the equipment be brought into play, but also the problem of sewage treatment can be solved.

In other words, the horizontal screw centrifuge has been widely used and promoted in the field of environmental protection by virtue of its own performance advantages, which has also established its irreplaceable position in the market. For many users and friends, when purchasing centrifuge equipment, they will give priority to this equipment.

With the development of the market, some new centrifuge equipment has been continuously introduced in the market, and the performance of the horizontal screw centrifuge has also been improved. At present, the equipment is mainly used in processes such as dehydration, concentration, separation, clarification and solid particle classification.

In short, looking at the development history of horizontal screw centrifuges, we can understand that the equipment is actually produced with the continuous progress and development of modern industry, and has been widely used in a short time.