Horizontal screw decanter centrifuge performance advantages

- Dec 28, 2017-

From the practical application point of view, horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge has many advantages. First, the device can be used in different workplaces. This is because during the design work, various special requirements put forward by the mud separation process to the horizontal spiral decanter are fully taken into consideration. And the main features of the device implementation of a dedicated, adjustable and other optimized design.


Therefore, the user before the purchase, the horizontal screw decanter centrifuge can be installed at the equipment used to deal with the physical and chemical properties of materials, process requirements, etc., in order to facilitate the selection of more suitable models. Second, the device also has strong production capacity. Under normal circumstances, its ability to maintain continuous 24-hour production, not only the separation effect is very good, but the larger capacity.


Third, the rational use of horizontal screw decanter centrifuge equipment can effectively reduce labor costs. This is because the device is fully automated. Therefore, not only stable and reliable during operation, without human intervention, only one person per shift can be required. But also low technical requirements for workers' operation.


Fourth,horizontal screw decanter centrifuge equipment not only the overall structure is compact and reasonable, but also has a longer life. Under normal operating conditions, the device operates without problems for at least 8000 hours with a service life of not less than 8 years. In addition, the device also has a high safety performance, low energy consumption during operation, the operation is very smooth, low noise.


In fact, the superior performance of horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge equipment can be fully reflected from the practical application. For example, when applied to the field of food, horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge equipment can complete the production of fruit juice dross removal, soy protein juice, dehydration and other applications of peanut protein. In the field of petrochemicals, the equipment can complete the grading of advanced age soils.