Horizontal screw decanter centrifuge precooling and centrifugation operation

- Mar 05, 2018-

A horizontal screw decanter centrifuge, as a separation device, should naturally follow the essentials of the centrifuge when operating it, for example, when the unit is in a precooled state, its cover must be closed; After centrifugation and after removing the rotor to be inverted on the experimental stage, dry the cavity remaining water, then the centrifuge cover is open.


Turret head in a horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge is required to be placed on the machine's platform during precooling or on a benchtop, bearing in mind that it must be tightened and placed on the turret head Start, turn the head cover will fly out and cause an accident.


After tightening the turret of the horizontal screw decanter centrifuge, be sure to touch the turret between the turret and the turret without any gap. If there is a gap, unscrew and retighten the turret so that the turret Spiral sedimentation centrifuge.


In the horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge process, the operator shall not leave the centrifuge chamber, in the event of anomalies the operator can not turn off the power, but directly press the STOP button on the machine. It is also important that the equipment be equipped with a centrifuge tube of good quality to prevent its premature aging, deformation or cracking.


After each use of horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge, it must undergo a detailed safety inspection to be at ease, including parts are intact, clean, the power is turned off, etc., from all the details to ensure the horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge Operational safety.