Horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge has small differential speed and good separation effect

- Aug 13, 2018-

The adjustment of the diameter of the horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge can change the effective length of the drum settling zone and the drying zone during the operation, the settlement zone of the overflow plate diameter increases, the drying zone decreases, and the rotation zone The depth of the drum pool increases, and the solid content in the liquid phase can be reduced after separation, but the moisture content of the solid phase sediment increases, and the diameter of the overflow plate increases, the length of the sedimentation zone decreases, the length of the drying zone increases, and the liquid phase after separation The solid content will increase, the separation effect will be worse, and the moisture content of the solid phase sediment will decrease. In actual use, it should be considered according to the separation requirements. After the operation test, the appropriate diameter D of the overflow plate should be selected.

The horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge has a small differential speed, the spiral has small disturbance to the fluid and the separation effect is better. The solid phase sediment has a longer residence time in the drying zone, and the solid phase moisture content decreases, but the solid phase slag discharge capacity decreases. It is easy to produce blocking material. On the contrary, the difference speed is large, the spiral has a large disturbance to the fluid, the separation effect is worse, the residence time of the solid phase sedimentation in the drum is reduced, and the moisture content of the solid phase sediment is increased, but the solid phase row is increased. The slag capacity is increased.

The determination of the differential speed of the horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge can generally be determined according to the solid content of the material. Under normal circumstances, the solid content should be larger, and the differential speed should be selected. The smaller differential speed, the final determination of the initial differential speed is determined according to the test, by separation requirements, processing capabilities and other factors. The adjustment of the initial differential speed can be achieved by adjusting the frequency of the hydraulic frequency converter in the operating state, and the initial differential speed is generally in the range of 5 to 15 r/min.