Horizontal Spiral Discharging Centrifuge Main Use

- Jun 15, 2017-

Horizontal type spiral discharge centrifuge machine settlement by the drum at high speed, and the speed ratio of the drum and drum to the same slightly low or high spiral and differential components, through the spiral blade push feeder pushed to the small end of a rotary drum is discharged from the discharging port, the liquid through the overflow hole of drum overflow. This constant cycle continuous separation, in order to achieve the purpose. Mainly used in industry.
1. Separation and dewatering of industrial and domestic sewage
2. Starch washing, grading, dehydration
3. The dehydration of soybean and wheat proteins
4. Fish meal, fish dehydration
5. Lees dehydration
6. Purification and pulp dehydration of fruit juice
7. Separation and purification of plant oil
8. Separation and purification of coal tar
9. Classification and dehydration of kaolin and graphite
10. Dye, pigment grade and dehydration

Horizontal spiral discharging centrifuge.jpg

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