How does the activated carbon filter cartridge production line meet the filter forming requirements?

- May 13, 2019-

The activated carbon filter cartridge production line has excellent physical adsorption and chemical adsorption functions, and has a deep structure, filtration and purification functions, and has been widely used in the industry. At present, activated carbon filter cores are formed by an activated carbon filter production line.


The material mixed with the carbon powder and the binder is placed in the hopper of the activated carbon filter production line, and the material is transported to the extrusion barrel through the feeding screw in the feeding screw barrel, and the outer side of the extrusion screw barrel is heated. In the circle, the rubber powder is melted under the action of the heating ring, and the activated carbon particles are bonded together and extruded through an extrusion screw.


The activated carbon filter element of corresponding size and shape is extruded under the action of the mold in the machine head, and the feeding screw and the feeding screw barrel are arranged to make the mixing of the raw materials more uniform, and the groove depth of the melting section screw in the extrusion screw is shallow in the extrusion direction. The depth is deepened, the gap between the activated carbon particles is maintained, a better filtering effect is achieved, and the process is simple and the work efficiency is high.


The water in the cooling molding device in the activated carbon filter production line cools the activated carbon filter element, and the activated carbon filter element is subjected to a certain resistance when passing through the cooling water jacket, thereby increasing the pressure of the head, and the change of the head pressure causes the filter core to have compactness and strength. The change can therefore be achieved by adjusting the length of the cooling water jacket and changing the head pressure to produce a certain density and strength of the activated carbon filter.


The cooling and setting equipment of the activated carbon filter production line adopts the natural wind provided by the fan to cool and shape, and keep the activated carbon filter core dry, and maintain the good filtering effect of the activated carbon filter; the automatic cutting equipment stores the filter element through the tumbling device after the cutting is completed, and the structure is simple. And high efficiency.