How to choose activated carbon adsorption equipment?

- Feb 20, 2020-

How to select activated carbon adsorption equipment? Let's follow the editor to find out!
1. Filter material selection of activated carbon equipment: Activated carbon is divided according to raw materials: bamboo charcoal and coconut shell activated carbon are divided according to types: columnar carbon, granular carbon and honeycomb carbon

2. Working principle of activated carbon equipment adsorption box:
The entrance of the equipment is equipped with a flange, which is convenient for customers to install the pipeline directly after receiving the equipment. There is a small door on the side. There is a track in the small door. We insert glass fiber wool in the guide rail. The glass fiber wool can block exhaust particles or dust particles. It is a paint mist generated during painting, which can greatly increase the service life of activated carbon. After this layer of paint mist, it will be divided into two paths, and the upper and lower paths will be aggregated before being discharged. Each floor of the equipment has a horizontal drawer, which is placed with honeycomb coal-like activated carbon, and each drawer is 0.1 square activated carbon.

The environmentally friendly activated carbon box avoids the disadvantages of excessive wind resistance of the activated carbon box. This activated carbon box can reduce the wind resistance by half in the case of processing the same amount of exhaust gas. Firstly, the cost is reduced, and secondly, the four-layer activated carbon can be uniformly adsorbed, thereby avoiding the problem that most layers of activated carbon boxes on the market are full and some are not adsorbed. It is also convenient to calculate the replacement cycle of activated carbon and reduce manual repeated replacement. The one-box cabinet completely avoids the low quality, inefficiency and ugly appearance of other cabinets in the same industry due to welding leaks. The blessing of 304 stainless steel makes this product still not as beautiful as it is after the wind and sun. The technology of activated carbon equipment is constantly developing.