How to cool down the decanter centrifuge

- Sep 08, 2020-

In the hot summer, the temperature of the decanter centrifuge must be very high after a long period of high-intensity operation. In order to ensure that it can continue to operate normally, then we need to cool down the decanter centrifuge. So how do we cool down? Let's share some tips with users and friends below, hoping to help everyone.
First of all, in the process of using the decanter centrifuge, the temperature of the working environment should be reduced as much as possible, so that it can work under normal temperature and humidity. Secondly, according to our actual needs, choose a more suitable centrifuge equipment; thirdly, do not run the equipment in an overloaded state, because this will cause great loss to the motor and easily cause temperature rise.
Fourth, in daily work, we need to clean the fan blades in the decanter centrifuge regularly, and regularly check the filter screen to ensure that there is no blockage. Fifth point, you can also add an extra fan outside to blow air against the centrifuge equipment; sixth point, you can appropriately reduce the speed of the centrifuge equipment and use liquid cold coal as a medium.
In addition, in daily work, when the work is over, the decanter centrifuge must be shut down in time. And pay attention to its inspection and maintenance work, so that it can maintain good working conditions. If an abnormal problem occurs in any component, it must be dealt with in time.
The tips shared above can all cool down the decanter decanter centrifuge, and all can achieve a certain effect. I hope to help everyone. Timely cooling of the decanter decanter centrifuge can not only ensure that it is in good working condition, but also can extend its working life and improve work efficiency, and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents.