How to maintain the decanter centrifuge

- Mar 31, 2020-

1. When installing the filter, the arrow on the outer frame should be consistent with the airflow direction; when it is installed vertically, the direction of the crease of the filter paper should be perpendicular to the ground.
2. Under normal use conditions, flat, folding coarse or medium-efficiency filters are generally replaced once every 1-2 months. After replacing the filter material, you can soak and rinse with clean water containing detergent, and then dry it before changing. Up; after 1-2 flushes, the filter needs to be replaced with a new one to ensure the filtration efficiency.
3. For bag-type coarse or medium-efficiency filters, under normal conditions of use, it should be replaced with a new one after 7-9 weeks of use. The decanter centrifuge should be handled gently during transportation to prevent severe vibration and collision, and barbaric loading and unloading is not allowed. Then check in accordance with the method specified in the standard "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Cleanrooms", and those that are qualified should be installed immediately.
4. Filters for clean rooms with cleanliness level equal to or higher than 100, should be leak-tested in accordance with the methods specified in the Code for Clean Room Construction and Acceptance before installation, and meet the requirements. If a filter is installed in the technical mezzanine or suspended ceiling, the qd8js5 in the technical layer or suspended ceiling should also be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned. 5. Before the filter is installed, the clean room needs to be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned. If there is dust in the air conditioning system, it should be cleaned and cleaned again to meet the cleaning requirements.
6. Before the device is installed, do not agree to open the packaging bag or film; and store the filter according to the bias indicated on the packaging box; during handling, it should be handled gently and lightly to prevent violent vibration and collision .
7. The filter should be transported and stored in the direction of the manufacturer's logo.
8. Regarding the filter, the device orientation must be accurate: when the filter is combined with a corrugated plate in a vertical installation, the corrugated plate must be vertical to the ground; the connection between the filter and the frame is vertical, and leakage, deformation, damage and damage are strictly prohibited. Leakage, etc. After installation, the inner wall of the tube must be clean, free of floating dust, oil, rust and debris.
9. Install the coarse-effect flat-plate or fold-type filter with the galvanized wire mesh facing the back of the wind. When installing a bag filter, the length of the filter bag should be perpendicular to the ground, and the filter bag should not be installed parallel to the ground;
10. Inspection method: check or wipe with white silk cloth for reflection. 2. For the sub-filter, it should be replaced for 5-6 months under normal use.
11. Before installing the filter, you need to unpack it at the installation site for visual inspection, including: whether the filter paper, sealant and frame are damaged; whether the side length, diagonal and thickness dimensions meet the requirements; whether the frame has burrs and rust spots ; Is there a product certification and whether the technical performance meets the design requirements?