How to pay attention to the air filter maintenance and maintenance

- Apr 26, 2017-

air filter is an important guarantee of the compressor, the correct maintenance and maintenance of the air compressor service life and operation reliability plays a vital role.
air filter is to filter the air dust dirt components, filtered clean air into the screw rotor compression cavity compression, due to the internal clearance of screw machine only allowed 15 μm within the particles filter out, if the air filter plugging damaged, a large number of particles larger than 15 μm into the screw machine circulation, not only greatly shorten the oil filter, oil and gas separation core service life, but also lead to a large number of particles directly into the bearing cavity, accelerated bearing wear to increase the clearance of the rotor, compression efficiency decreased, even the rotor bite dead.
Basic maintenance and maintenance of air filter
First, the air cleaner is best maintained once a week. Unscrew the gland nut, remove the air filter cartridge, use 0.2-0.4MPA compressed air, from the air filter element inside the cavity outward blowing out on the outer surface of the air filter dust particles, with a clean cloth to wipe the air filter shell on the wall of the stolen goods, back to the air filter cartridge, attention to the air filter core sealing ring front end of the air filter shell with the internal side of the close. Heavy-duty air cleaner can open the casing directly and the maintenance method is identical.
Second, the air filter is normally replaced 1500-2000 hours, the environment is particularly harsh use place, such as mines, ceramics factories, cotton mills, and so on, recommended 500 hours to replace the air filter cartridge.
3, clean or replace the air filter, the parts must be one by one pairs, prevent foreign body into the intake valve.
Fourth, usually must check the intake telescopic pipe has no breakage, suction flat, telescopic pipe and air filter inlet valve connector has no loose, leakage, if found to be promptly repaired replacement.
Fifth, normal switching machine, to avoid abnormal power outages, resulting in loss.