How to remove the bearings of the bowl of a decanter centrifuge

- Dec 10, 2020-

First of all, when disassembling, it is necessary to equip professional tools, and then professional personnel will carry out the operation. When disassembling the small end bearing of the bowl of the decanter centrifuge, the bolts on the end pressure plate of the main pulley should be removed first, and then the end pressure plate should be taken out with the jack screw. In this process, we should pay attention to that, we must ensure that the force of the screws is the same, and there is no skew, and then take out the end pressure plate, and use a tripod die to grab and pull out the pulley.

At the same time, when disassembling, don't forget to make symbols on the relevant parts to facilitate reinstallation. Next, disassemble the flat key, the screw at the tapered end of the groove, the bearing seat sealing ring, and the O-ring at one time. Place a stressed object on the bearing end surface of the bowl of the decanter centrifuge, and use a tripod to pull out the bearing sleeve, bearing sleeve gland, bearing and shaft sleeve together.

After the small end bearing is disassembled, the big end bearing needs to be disassembled. The same must use professional tools, the specific steps are: remove the bolts of the flange, and then remove the differential and spline shaft. Then, loosen and remove the bolts on the shaft end pressure plate, and use a suitable jack screw to eject the shaft end pressure plate. It should also be noted that when disassembling the big end bearing of the decanter centrifuge bowl, the force on the screw Keep it together and don’t tilt. Pad the bearing body on the end face of the shaft, pull out the connecting flange and the sealing ring of the bearing seat with a tripod die, and then disassemble the flat key.

In fact, there is basically no big difference between the two processes. The operator should pay attention to it and make a record at this time to facilitate the reinstallation operation. Pad the stressed object on the shaft end surface, pull out the bearing sleeve, bearing sleeve gland, bearing, and shaft sleeve together with a tripod die, and make corresponding marks on the bearing sleeve of the decanter centrifuge.